Haus of Bala

      611 North Lynndale Dr. Appleton, WI 54914


Slow Flow

~~Slow Flow is a mindful, slowly paced yoga class that incorporates conscious flowing of breath with movement of body.  This class is appropriate for beginners and brand-new students.  The challenge in the class is from awareness of movement that is slow and focused.  Therefore, this class can be a welcome change for students who like a fast-flowing, more intermediate-level class as well. This class will build strength through slow, focused movements, detoxify cells through breath and sweat in the heated room, and increase flexibility and range of motion via flowing movements and deep stretching.  The class includes focused and gentle opening of the body and spine, foundational yoga poses and sun salutations, attention to detail on breath and alignment, and some long holds for strength.  Slow Flow Yoga will cultivate focus, concentration, control of breath, and determination as well as spark a willingness to reach higher and burn brighter in daily living.

Gentle Restorative

~~This class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of guided meditation and a very relaxing, gentle, and restorative practice.  Deep, restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility as well as reduces pain and the effects of stress.  Students with injuries, arthritis, other chronic conditions,  limitations related to age or size, and students with a more vigorous yoga practice will benefit greatly from this practice.  No prior yoga experience required.

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